Tarot Tuesday

12,394 Days Alive

8,049 EBooks to Read

3 Cards Pulled

2 Doctor Appointments Tomorrow

1 Anxious Me

Tomorrow is for doctor’s appointments out the wazoo. Okay, only two but I don’t care for them and the one I’m going to see is an unknown male.

I’m trying not to anxiously control the situation so I didn’t research the doctor like I usually do. And I still haven’t heard from that possible glad tiding.

I have a mostly functional laptop now, thanks to Vera. I can’t afford a battery for it until pay day so I have to be careful not to bump the charger or I lose everything (three damn times).

But it’s better than nothing and I am grateful for it in the interim.

My depression is handing me my ass right now.

I can’t even put into words how wretched I feel. Getting out of bed becomes more and more a challenge as the days go.

But like I know, this too shall pass. So I keep going. Because failure to function is not an option.

I have to keep going, even if I feel like I want to die. I can’t quite dig out the mental splinter that triggered this one, but I’m trying.

I pulled some cards today. Only three.

I’m hoping they’re indicative of coming successes. I need good things in my life right now.

Take your meds, folks. I’m for a shower and bed.

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