Dizzy Day

12,791 Days Alive

1 Pepperoni and Garlic Spread Wrap Eaten

So, the air conditioner at work is on the fritz. It was 79 degrees in the office pretty much from ten am on.

It was miserable and totally screwed with my jam today. I think I got dehydrated or something because as soon as I got home, I got really dizzy coming back from taking out the trash. Like, stretched out in the chair wanting the world to stop spinning dizzy. I ate today. Had a cheese stick and turkey stick for breakfast; an Atkins shake for lunch, and just had a wrap for dinner. And I’m still a little dizzy, but it’s not as bad as it was.

Tomorrow is Friday! Not only is it payday, but it’s the kickoff for my birthday weekend!

I still can’t quite believe I’m making it to 35. Eighteen year old Theo would be shocked and probably pretty proud of current me.

But it does make me want to accomplish more of my goals. Finish a story, get a working draft in and polish it. I want to be an author, a published author, by 40. So. Five year plan!

I’m tired. I’m heading to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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