Of Politics and Pizza

12,908 Days Alive

3 Tarot Card Readings

2 Loads of Laundry Done and Put Away

1 Vote Cast

I dropped off my mail in ballot today to make sure my vote is counted. I got a frozen pizza for supper as a little reward to myself.

I still have this gorram headache. But my allergy prescription was finally approved by the doctor so I was able to take that with my evening meds.

I did some card pulls on what the witchy new year is going to bring. The first reading was a little muddled, using my Osho Zen deck. I’m not quite sure what it was saying for once.

The second reading, I used the Everyday Tarot and did a basic Celtic Cross spread asking the same question. And the answer I got was balance work and home life and do NaNoWriMo. Heh.

The third pull was also the Everyday Tarot and it was a simple three card pull that J taught me: Embrace, Accept, Let Go.

Image is of three purple, gold, and white tarot cards: the Hanged Man, The Hierophant, and the Queen of Pentacles.

Embrace: The Hanged Man is my card. It’s the one I identify with and consider my signifier card in the typical 78 card deck. So I read it as embracing myself and a new perspective. I start with a new therapist on the third, so that’s fairly on the money.

Accept: The Hierophant is a mentor and as the acceptance that this new therapist Mx Steph may or may not be the best fit for me but that doesn’t mean to quit trying if it doesn’t work out.

Let Go: the Queen of Pentacles. I read that as letting go of my anger at certain people in my life to better cultivate positive change in my own life.

I’ll admit I’m more that a little apprehensive about the new therapist, but even with how nice Vickie was, she wasn’t what I needed in a therapist. I’ve been seeing her since March and I’ve barely been able to tell her anything.

Anyway. Tomorrow is All Hallow’s Eve! Samhain! Halloween! J’s Birthday! We’re doing a micro party with J, her mom Mel, and myself. Meg was going to join us too, but the poor dear is down for the count with a cold. It seems to be going around lately a little early in the season for the annual flu nonsense. Add to that the COVID-19 paranoia, though it is justified, and it’s going to be a hell of a winter.

I’m so glad I have my allergy medicine back. I’m so tired of post nasal drip nonsense and this stupid headache.

Oh! In more positive news, I am at 429 days straight on Duolingo! How cool is that?! I’m still just skimming the second level of the course on Esperanto, but I’ve got most of the basics down pat.

I’m headed to bed. Bonan nokton, or “good night”!

Take your meds, folks.

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