Of Worries and Wondering

12,911 Days Alive

1 More Day Till the Election

I was raised mostly Jewish. Raised on stories about troubled times and survival and the Holocaust and the meanings of Passover. And it’s horrific to see history repeating itself.

I’m so fucking scared about the election tomorrow. If Trump wins, I’m screwed. I’m a walking preexisting condition, female, and screwed. I’m likely to lose my health insurance.

Without health insurance, I’m dead.

With Trump as president, I genuinely don’t know if I have it in myself to put up with his hateful bigotry for four more years. I genuinely don’t.

So I’m going to try and stay off social media while I’m at work. I’m going to stay off social media until after my therapy appointment tomorrow with Mx Steph.

I’m heartsick and exhausted. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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