Of Prescriptions and Princesses

13,033 Days Alive

3 Cookie Dough Flautas Eaten

2 New Prescriptions

1 Long Day

My arm still hurts like the dickens from my COVID vaccination. But I’m not noticing any ill effects from it otherwise. Except being more tired than usual, but that would be lack of sleep.

Woke up at four a.m. again. Peter gave me something to help me sleep through the night. I’m not taking it today, but maybe tomorrow night. I don’t want to sleep my day off away but accident.

I’m also being put on a higher dose of antidepressants that are a time release formula. Hopefully it will help pull me out of this gorram downward spiral I’ve been stuck in.

We watched A Little Princess this evening. Such a cute, well done movie. The use of color as an emphasis was wonderful, the yellows and greens to express various emotions. I’ve not seen it in years, but I made it through a cup of Countdown to Christmas cinnamon vanilla tea and the whole movie. So that’s something.

I’m still struggling at work, but I’m basically stuck waiting on my ADHD meds before I can hope to see any real improvement. It’s so frustrating.

Anyway, it’ll happen in its own time, I guess. I’ve just got to be hellaciously patient and deal with cancelled appointments and other such things. Hopefully Monday won’t get cancelled. I’d hate to drive all the way to Maitland for no reason.

I need sleep. And apparently so does Spock because he’s snoozing away on my leg. Cute little thing.

Take your meds, folks.

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