Of Introspection and Indigestion

13,446 Days Alive

1,299 Days Straight on PostmarkWonderland

1/2 of a Crappy Frozen Cheese Pizza Eaten

Dinner was a mistake. But considering all I had eaten today was a cheese stick and a pair of caffeine pills? It was a necessary evil. Tomorrow’s dinner will be better. I can buy some salad and we can have chicken and salad.

I took up playing sudoku on my phone. I find that I quite enjoy it, at least the easier and medium puzzles for now. I hope to challenge myself and do harder ones as I’m able.

But it made me think of games I used to play on my phone. Silence, especially towards the end of my marriage and in my tumultuous childhood, carried weight that could easily crush the best of moods.

Maybe it’s because it’ll be two years this Saturday since I got divorced? I don’t know. I hope she’s doing well for herself and for Tink.

I may turn to poetry over the next few days. Or reread Jane Austen or read something new to distract myself. Whatever I do, I’m going to hope it gets rid of this sticky, bog-like sadness that’s clinging to my mind. It’s like that scene from Neverending Story.

Anyway, it’s nearly ten. I should go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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