Of Dim Sum and Delight

13,448 Days Alive

6 New Dishes Tried

1 New Fun Thing Found

I got to hang with both Cleo and J today. It was absolutely delightful.

Cleo and I met up at my place and we tried to go to an Indian buffet restaurant, but they no longer did buffet and everything was mad expensive. So we sat in the car, called around, and finally settled on getting dim sum at Yummy House near my work.

The service was oh-my-gods awful. Like, server actively ignored us, refilled other patron’s beverages but not ours, and wasn’t the least bit concerned when we mentioned my food allergy. For the unaware, shrimp and I get into gastrointestinal warfare when combined. I will be sick for a solid week afterwards, and not be able to hold any food down the entire time.

Anyway, we got honey glazed pork buns, some steamed pork buns, sesame balls, fried eggplant, soup dumplings, one thing I don’t recall the name of, and a pork and peanut dumpling that ended up having shrimp. I was leery of it, so Cleo tried it first and warned me against it.

My favorite was the honey-glazed pork buns. I love getting them in Chinatown when I go home and love getting them at the local Asian market to steam up and enjoy.

We did not enjoy our server and she was openly hostile as well. So. Not a place I’ll be going to again.

I’m really worried about Spock.

He’s taken to sitting around with his tongue poking out. Not panting, but definitely drooling. And he’s not eating his crunchy food as much. Which could just be him getting older, liking wet food more? But could also be indicative of dental problems. I’m praying it’s just something easily remedied. I’ll be taking him to the vet next weekend.

Anyway, mentally I’m a train wreck.

My anxiety is so high, my neck is just a cluster of fucking knots and tension. I’m barely sleeping, so I can’t recover well. I just need a good boost of fucking serotonin. Or something.

I’m trying to avoid just drinking a shit ton of screwdrivers until I unclench a little. But that’s not a good choice.

Anyway, I am going to go work on the diamond painting I bought myself as a reward.

Take your meds, folks.

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