Of Packing and Pico

13,520 Days Alive

9 Days Till Wheels Up

3 Trashbags Worth of Stuff Purged

I’m exhausted so this will be brief.

I got my art supplies down to one tote except for my card making supplies. That might be a box of stuff, what I can’t easily replace, at least.

I went through all my old papers. I had a lot of random stuff collected over the years. I still had old papers from college and manuscripts/short stories from when I went to the writer’s group where I first met Chelé.

I still need to judiciously edit the amount of clothing I own. A challenge for this weekend, I guess. I need to plan outfits that can mix and match. Not just random pieces I occasionally throw together.

Anyway, there’s a meeting tomorrow morning for what will happen when I leave. I hope the hole left by my exit will be one swiftly filled by a qualified candidate.

I’m less worried than I was, but still emotionally wrung out from this past weekend.

I’m for bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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