Of Pizza and (More) Packing

13,521 Days Alive

3 Boxes of Books Packed

1 Slice of Cheese Pizza Eaten

Well, only one minor emotional breakdown today. Work was… difficult.

Packing isn’t going much better.

I’m still trying to get all my laundry down to be able to pack more of it. I’ve gotten rid of two and a half trash bags of clothes so far. Probably another two to go?

But I need everything clean before I can go through and be decisive about it.

I’m confident in my car Tetris skills to where I can likely fit everything I need to. I think. But will it be everything I want?

I feel… very overwhelmed. And I’m constantly in some state of low-grade anxiety attack the last day or so. I’m trying to just breathe and get through it without falling apart.

Work is also overwhelming; but I’m doing the best I can to get everything taken care of before I go.

I’m going to go curl up and maybe have a good cry. A little one. Not a big one. Maybe go take a shower and my meds. Something.

Take your meds, folks.

2 thoughts on “Of Pizza and (More) Packing

  1. Idk the budget for the move but if you are having anxiety about what u can fit in the car uhaul has a 4×8 cargo trailer for like $120. Unlimited miles and 5 days of use i believe.


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