Of Desserts and Decisions

13,566 Days Alive

3 Episodes of Zumbo’s Just Desserts, Season 2 Watched

I have to decide if I’m going to try and get more part time work, maybe at another retail place, or continue the search for full time work.

I would prefer full time work.

I worked at the craft store today. Wasn’t bad, per se, but the communication in the store is lacking.

I work tomorrow and Sunday as well in the afternoon. Looking forward to it, but definitely wish I had more work shirts than just the two they gave me.

I’m supposed to meet up with Laker, a rather hyper-sexual person I met online that swears he just wants to be friends. And then asks, at least he asks first, before sending a dick pic. I am phenomenally not interested in screwing him, but a friendship with someone as clever as he is might be nice.

I’m also talking to this super nice demisexual person, Rivka. They are a school teacher and we’re planning to meet up when they get off work on Monday. That I’m excited about!

Anyway, between Bianco and Rivka, adding on Laker and possibly another person who has gone radio silent, I might have hit saturation for the moment. Not sure.

Anyway, I need to hit the shower before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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