Of Art and Alfredo

13,598 Days Alive

5 Rounds of Phase Ten Played

2 LBs of Fettuccine Made

I had my brothers over today.

I gave them some of my old jewelry after Sean Michael lost his ring down the sink. Pinny took a necklace and a mystic topaz ring; Sean Michael took two rings I don’t wear often.

I made chicken fettuccine Alfredo for dinner tonight for everyone. It rained after dinner, so the sibs stayed for a bit until it let up before heading home.

We played Phase Ten, too. I got to phase five. Heh.

I also did some art today. Nothing major, just a postcard and a mixed media piece.

I cleaned the hell out of my room today. Got rid of a whole bag’s worth of trash. Cleaned off the bed, swept, swapped the altar and bookshelf. I even did the dishes. Very productive day.

Anyway, I’m going to bed because I have work at C3, the costume shop I work at, tomorrow from 11am to 7pm and want to take a shower and have breakfast before I have to go to work. I’d take a shower tonight, but then I’ll never sleep.

Mentally, I’m a little wrung out but I’m trying my best. Financially? I’m praying for Friday’s paycheck. I’m down to under $100 to my name because groceries needed to be ordered.

I’m going to read for a bit and bunk down.

Take your meds, folks.

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