Of Streaming and Sweets

13,626 Days Alive

1 Movie Watched with Mellon

Today was not a great day in brain-land.

I am fully on the struggle bus right now and absolutely just want things to get better. I’m hoping that by Halloween/Samhain/the Witches’ New Year things will get better.

I didn’t nap today, but I also didn’t get out of bed until after ten a.m. As it’s my day off, there isn’t a problem with that.

I spent most of my day relaxing, snuggling Mr. Spock, and marveling at the amount of heat the radiators can put off. The one in the bathroom sounds like television static. The one in my room sounds haunted, and the one in the living room is very effective.

I made homemade nachos for dinner this evening. They were good.

I’m trying so hard right now to just keep going. It’s difficult. I’m sad and stressed. I miss J. I miss being able to go to friend’s homes. I don’t really have a social life here. Just a digital life.

I’m too… much sometimes. And not enough other times. I fear being a drain on others, be it in any fashion.

I avoided turning to something sweet when not doing well, so go me for that one. Bianco has ordered a kettle so we’ll be able to have tea more regularly soon.

I just have to keep going.

Take your meds, folks.

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