Of Marshmallows and Mellon’s Mystery Machine Mosaic Blanket

13,633 Days Alive

1,688th Post on Postmark Wonderland!

10 Ounces of Marshmallows

8th Row in an 8 Row Repeat of Mellon’s Mystery Machine Mosaic (M4) Blanket

7 Days Till NaNoWriMo

6 Cups of Rice Crispies

3 Tablespoons of Butter

2 Video Chats This Evening

Why yes, that is the base recipe for making rice crispy treats folded in on today’s numbers.

Why? Heh.

Mellon is making rice crispy treats. I’m quite envious as it involves copious amounts of marshmallows and I freaking love marshmallows. Like, I want to go to the marshmallow cafe here in Chicago because reasons.

I worked some more on Mellon’s Mystery Machine Mosaic Blanket (M4 Blanket). I’m still waiting for the orange yarn I ordered off of Michael’s website using my rewards dollars. The yarn was on sale for less than $4 a skein and I had enough for three skeins of yarn. Had to pay $6 for shipping, though. Sad day.

I resisted the siren call of cake that someone brought into work today. It looked so good. But I resisted.

My car will finally start getting repaired on the first of November. I’m so excited to have Peggy up and running again!

I have worries. So many worries. Talked about some of them with my video chat with J tonight. Talked some with Mellon, but mostly tried to motivate them to go make their rice crispy treats for the office potluck.

Anyway, I’ve got a week till NaNoWriMo and still no firm plan beyond the list of wacky and secular holidays upon which I’ll be basing my schmoopy, queer romance story thing.

I’m going to appease the Duolingo owl, medicate, hydrate, and go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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