Of Barbecue and Banana Splits

13,701 Days Alive

T-Minus 15 Hours till Moving Time

2.5 Hour Nap that Mellon Took While I Dicked Around on Various Social Medias

1/4th a Turtle Banana Split Shared Between Mellon and I

Oofta. Today was a busy day. I spent the morning sorting and packing up for the move in the morning.

When we went in search of food, the place we were going to go was closed: Chicago’s Pizza. I had even called ahead of time to make sure they were open, but they closed after I called for an unknown reason.

So, Mellon and I went to the train station and finally found some place that was open on New Year’s Day. It’s an old bar called The Twin Anchors. It’s been around since 1932 and apparently Frank Sinatra was a frequent customer of theirs back in the day. It’s a bar and barbecue joint. We got bowls of chili, Mellon got some chicken tenders, and I got a pulled treif sandwich. I do love me some pulled pork. And their “Prohibition” barbecue sauce was so good, I bought the birthday babe a bottle of it for us to take back to Indiana with us.

I wasn’t quite ready to return to the transitory-Boxtopia that was my bedroom when we were done, so we hit up Margie’s Candies for a turtle banana split. So. Good. I definitely reigned myself in on how much sugar I was eating, but still, a sweet start to the new year was awesome. It came with a literal gravy boat full of house-made hot fudge. Yummy!

I do believe I wore the poor Mellon out, because when we got back to the apartment, and up to the third floor that I am not going to miss climbing, they passed the hell out for almost three hours. Spock passed out right next to them; both snored which I found cute. Heh.

I’ve got a 156 book goal for 2023, so I spent my down time while Mellon slept to start reading. I have to make sure to note what I read in my Always Fully Booked planner that my dear friend, Chelé, got for me. Oh, and on Goodreads. I am going to try to read every day this year, if only for a little while. Speaking of reading, I did buy myself a Mel Brooks book for myself for the holidays. So I’ll be reading that, for sure.

I still have to clean out from under the bed before tomorrow. And I have to figure out what to do about the bed frame/mattress before I leave.

Mr. Spock is not going to like being stuffed into his carrier and subjected to a two and a half hour car ride tomorrow afternoon. I feel bad, but there’s no way to sedate him, safely, because he refuses to eat the sedation treats I got him. Even if I put tuna on them. So, I’ll just deal with him singing the Song of His People till we get to Indiana safely.

I am so grateful to Uncle Comic for helping me move. Gods only knows when I’d come up with the money for a car rental or UHaul otherwise.

Mentally, other than the expected moving and new job anxiety, I think I’m doing good. Having a supportive partner that doesn’t dismiss or outright mock my anxiety helps. Mellon helps me logic my way around some brain gremlins, and reassured me that they don’t love me any less just because I deal with brain gremlins and anxiety nargles on the daily. It’s a refreshing change.

I didn’t sleep well night before last, so my ass was knocked out at, like, 10:30pm last night. I rang in the new year in a REM Cycle. I hope it means good rest and good things in the year to come.

This year, I’m hoping for gentle change, roots, and growth. Happy days will come, as will difficult ones, but I hope to weather them with an open mind and a happy heart.

I’m off to medicate and play a game with Mellon.

Happy 2023x, y’all. And take your meds, folks.

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