Of Tornados and Tarot

13,790 Days Alive

1 Bacon Deluxe Burger Eaten

Well, the tornado sirens have been going off for the last few minutes. That’s mildly terrifying.

But Spock isn’t freaking out, so neither am I. When storms get bad, he hides. But he’s currently just playing with a toy, so everything is fine.

I got to talk to one of my cousins today, Wix. I was happy to give him a tarot reading to help him figure out a problem he’s been having. I quite enjoy giving people helpful tarot readings. I give myself rare readings; but mostly? It’s just J and I trading readings back and forth over video chat.

I have to admit, a midwestern storm is not something I have experienced in the last decade. The howling wind is one thing, the rattling windows quite another.

My arm is hurting like a motherfucker from where I got a shot yesterday. I’ve tried ibuprofen and hot/cold compresses. It is just a knot in my muscle and radiates pain down my damn arm. At least I got it in my non-dominant arm so it’s not too bad. And I was warned that it would be painful for a few days afterwards. It still sucks, and disturbed my sleep last night.

Today after work, I started working on a self-made ripple blanket pattern! The blanket is for Megan’s baby boy, Junior, who celebrates his birthday in a few days’ time! It’s the yarn I have in today’s photo, all Caron Simply Soft.

I’ve got to appease the Duolingo owl and head to bed after I take my meds and hydrate.

Take your meds, folks.

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