Of Haruhi and Headaches

13,798 Days Alive

1 Mini Figurine Purchased for Pathfinder

Mellon ordered me an amazing miniature figurine for our Saturday Pathfinder game! Haruhi Hitlock is a Strix (owl person) gunslinger. The image on today’s post is of the mini figurine that he ordered.

It’s amazing. It will take a month or so for the figurine to come in.

In game, however, I can’t roll for shit tonight. But I’m still having fun.

I’ve been crocheting a lot today, working on Junior’s blanket. I’m on row twenty of the blanket. I’m not sure how many rows this blanket will take, but this is probably only a fifth of the blanket thus far.

Welp, we’re trying not to total party kill our characters because our GM, Jamison, has us facing what is basically a baby Death Knight; it’s called a grave knight. I hate it. Heh. Everyone is trying so hard not to die.

I’ll post tomorrow as to whether or not we died.

Take your meds, folks.

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