Of Insulin and Impossibility

13,817 Days Alive

$2,498.90 for One Month of Meds Without Insurance

3 Slices of Pizza Eaten for Dinner

Well, my meds, or my insulins at least, are again financially out of my reach for at least the next six weeks or so. I get insurance on June first. My other meds I can use GoodRx to afford.

It’s frustrating that even with GoodRx, the ones I can afford are almost $200 for a single month’s supply. One of my meds is $37 for a month. American Healthcare sucks.

Work is still going well, even if it is a bit brain melting. It’s so much information. I’m up to almost forty pages of handwritten notes regarding training. I think I’m catching on pretty quickly, and I’m passing all my comprehension tests in regards to the material.

Not this week but next Friday, Mellon and I will be going to see my cousin Wixor and his hubby Nick. I’m super excited for a proper road trip with Mellon. And we’ll be seeing the Papas on Sunday for lunch.

I’m frustrated and exhausted and my brain hurts. So I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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