Of Noodles and Notebooks

13,842 Days Alive

1 Cup Of Noodles Eaten

I am still working on getting through Story Genius and re-hammering out the story for my novel, Midnight Calls.

Thus far, I’ve been doing the exercises in my pretty travel notebook that I bought myself. Mind you, I bought it forever ago from Barnes and Noble and have only just now begun to use it properly. But use it I shall!

I dunno what else to talk about. I haven’t eaten enough today, I know that. We don’t have a lot of food here at the house that is good for low spoon days. We were supposed to go grocery shopping this evening but poor Mellon was exhausted to pieces. He knocked out around seven and has not woken yet. So I assume he’s down for the night. Hopefully, twelve hours of sleep will do him good.

Blah, blah, still struggling mentally and emotionally. Still feeling suicidal. Working on pushing through and avoiding a breakdown. I still feel like I’m on the precipice of something good, I just have to get there.

It’s late. I should get to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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