Lunacy, Libros, and Laundry

12,260 Days Alive

7,131 Steps For the Day

5,883 Books to Read

4 Loads of Laundry Done

1 New Ikea Shelf Built

I am literally going to bed so I don’t have to fight with Mount Laundry any more tonight.

Today was a productive day.

Went to Ikea, picked up another awesome bookshelf and built it! I’m so old hat at this particular shelf now, I didn’t even need to look at the instructions! And it came out just wonderful!

I saw this nifty lamp while at Ikea.

I think I can make it!

I got all my books put up. And I have a good jump on my writing space.

I was going to say more, but my meds are kicking in and I am utterly exhausted.

G’night friends. Take your damn meds.

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