Tiring Tuesday… and Tijuana Flats!

12,261 Days Alive

6,011 Ebooks to Read

3 Panic Attacks

2 Books Read

1 Good Meal with a Friend

1 New Author I Adore

So. Doctor’s appointment today. I stress bought 116 free ebooks while waiting for my meds in Publix.

And finished two books that should have reviews coming out soon.

And successfully defeated Mount Laundry.

It’s been a day.

So. Dr. Ray was nice this time around. Helped me get my metformin prescription up to date, keep me in stock of my other maintenance medications. Took my mind mints, so my blood pressure was only 120/76; and that was with anxiety.

I’m still terrified of medication cost, but what can you do?

Had lunch with Tea today. They’re awesome and needed a soundboard for their own gaming/review blog. And I’m always down to break bread (or chips!) with a friend.

And then I hit the post office again, getting to say hi to the blue streak haired postal worker Ms. Karen who was so helpful last time. Checked the PO Box: nada for us, just the former occupants. Return to sender; no longer at address!

Got the rent bill today, too. Boo hiss.

And then, Publix.

An hour to wait for meds. Certain ones weren’t even in stock. And I have to wait until 8 Feb for some of the refills. Oh well.

Panic attack in the car after my appointment, panic attack at Publix. And a third after I got home. Managed not to nap, though! Powered through, sans caffeine, and attacked Mount Laundry.

I even sorted through everything I wear and stored all of my winter stuff!

Keep an eye out for a review or three as I power through books the rest of the week.

Take your meds, pals.

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