Discomfort, Disappointment, Distress, and Debris

12,263 Days Alive

6,272 Books To Read

22 Times I Woke Up Last Night

6 Hours of Work Day Cut Short

3 Almost Crying Moments

I’m exhausted. And I feel like a failure.

Because of my fall yesterday, I was in so much pain I had to leave early from work today. I hate it.

I fee like I’m letting my coworkers down, being an inconvenience, failing because of this.

It was just a couple of stairs. And now I have four MRIs scheduled tomorrow to see what all is going on.

I’m constantly nauseous from the pain. I can barely put pressure on my left foot. And because of how I’m having to walk in the boot, my hips are screaming.

All of my body hurts because of tension.

I still feel stupid.

But at least I’m still going strong here. Postmark has a total of 144 posts as of this entry. So. Small victories.

My meds are kicking in. G’night Friends.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

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