It is Tuesday, Right?

12,709 Days Alive

3 Rows Left on DW’s Blanket (still!)

1 Freshly Shaved Head

I’m off to read until bedtime, but a quick update here.

I don’t know if the new medication is strong enough but I’m not going to ask Peter to raise the dosage just yet when I have my psych appointment tomorrow. I also have therapy with Vickie tomorrow afternoon as well. I hate telehealth meetings, but I have to meet with her and can’t put it off.

I did a bunch of non-Camp NaNoWriMo writing today. A bunch, a bunch. Prepped templates for a few pending reviews and such.

I also finished reading a short story today. Mr. Darcy’s Passion was the name; it was a short smutty robot through a terribly out of character Lizzie and Fitzwilliam. But at least I can say I have the author a shot. I’m reading The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey right now, too. And I absolutely love it.

Mentally, I’m a train wreck that needs a hug. But I pulled myself out of bed this morning and did pretty well at work today, so that’s something.

I’m gonna go read until my headache goes away.

Take your meds, folks.

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