Of Veggie Corndogs and Peach Vodka

12,977 Days Alive

7 Bags of Groceries Delivered by Amazon

2 Vegetarian Corn Dogs Eaten

1 Hyper Cat

Someone wound up Spock something fierce today. Or something, maybe the weather change? Anyway, he’s been zooming around all evening like his butt is on fire. Every single catnip mousie is out and about, waiting to be pounced on.

I gave him some of the Good Stuff, the fancy catnip and that seems to have mellowed him out a bit. A bit. Not entirely.

In other news, work was a slow motion train wreck. It’s so frustrating to have to fight to focus. It was only after I got some caffeine in me that I was able to settle and focus. I forgot to pick up caffeine pills when. I went shopping. I’ll have to grab them before next week.

We ordered groceries off Amazon today. The infection rate is getting scary high. So Fen didn’t want to take the chance of a long shopping trip. So I did a short one for what we couldn’t get off of online (does that sentence look odd to anyone else?).

We had a shot of peach vodka to celebrate the weekend kicking off. Well, a double, but that’s it. Then we baked some vegetarian corndogs and had those for dinner. Mmm!

Still no update from Peter about the ADHD testing referral. He has until next Monday to get me a message about it before I start pestering him. I’d love to finally get some gorram treatment for my ADHD. Or a proper diagnosis of whatever particular strain of neurodivergent I am. It’s hard to say because I mask pretty damn hard. I fight to come across as even relatively normal and I’m not often successful outside of the workplace.

My brother Phoenix’s (a nickname he uses) birthday is Sunday. He’ll be a quarter of a century old. So young! Granted, he’s only ten and a half years my junior, but still. There is a lot of difference in those ten and a half years.

Speaking of birthdays, Mal, the eldest younger brother of mine on my mom’s side, turns twenty-nine in February! And Batman, the youngest brother of that branch of Camp Halfblood, turned twenty-one in this just passed September.

Camp Halfblood is my sister Valerie, who passed away back in the eighties, my elder brother whose name I believe was Eric? I’d have to clarify with the maternal unit, but I know she had a pregnancy that ended in tragedy in that era of her life. And then there’s my three living brothers from my mother, Mal, Phoenix, and Batman respectively, their half sister and my heartsister Ophelia, their half brother Richie who I haven’t seen since the late eighties, and my half brother from my sperm donor’s side, James. I also apparently have a half sister from the paternal unit, but I haven’t spoken to her yet, so I can’t count her. And then there’s the step branches of Camp Halfblood, my sister Allie from my Daddy’s second/third marriage (depends on if you count the common law marriage my mother and he had), and Joyce, Jen, and David from his first/second marriage. And my foster sister, Lauren, whom I adore. So. That’s a peek behind the curtain and up the family tree here in Wonderland.

This weekend will be pleasantly busy. I’ll be going up to see J and Bill6 tomorrow evening. So that’ll be fun. But first chores need to be done: the dastardly laundry.

Anyway, I should go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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