Of Pesto and Pests

13,405 Days Alive

Well, I tried pesto this evening. I didn’t like it. Or maybe I didn’t like the application of it? I’m not sure, but pesto flatbreads and I are meh.

In glorious news: we have a working oven again! Hooray! So we will be able to buy and make food again.

It’s been very stressful for us, these past two weeks. I’m glad that I’ll be able to buy some groceries and get “real” substantial food in the house again.

Anyway, work was long and stressful and I nearly did a project I didn’t need to do. But I asked first, and was told it wasn’t needed. Next week will be overtime central, though. Oy. Mama needs to go to the doctor and that shiz ain’t cheap.

Four hundred fifty fuckin’ dollars for my psych meds. Some bullshit, that is.

I’m hoping to rise early tomorrow, so I’m early to bed tonight as well.

Take your meds, folks.

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