Of Bruce and Balderdash

13,778 Days Alive

1 Failed Therapy Appointment

How does one fail at a therapy appointment? Spend more time listening to the therapist rant than about your own issues and you have the start of my problems with my new/now rejected therapist.

Bruce, who had some pretty decent ratings, was only $35 for a half hour. Par for the course. His astonishing ignorance towards asexuality, and his insistence that people aren’t asexual, it isn’t a valid orientation, and it’s just fuckity hormones or something? That took the cake and his name out of the running. Needless to say we did not click and I will not be using his services again.

I’ve only had about four hours of sleep, so maybe my bullshit tolerance was lowered, but his foot in mouth disease kicked himself out the door.

I’m going to go read, after I take something for this headache.

Take your meds, folks.

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