Of Haruhi and Horchata

13,819 Days Alive

We’re at our Saturday Pathfinder game and I left my new Haruhi Hitlock, my Strix crack shot, mini-figurine at home. Boo.

I’ll bring it week after next. We don’t have game next week because Mellon and I are taking a weekend for us, hopping over to my cousin Wixor’s house. We’re going to have a bonfire for the full moon.

We had Mexican for dinner tonight. I got a taco salad. It was delicious. I got a medium horchata, which was fantastic. We got a pair of churros, too, which were delicious.

I’m so damn tired. And my head hurts. I kind of want to go home and sleep. I think we’re going home after this last combat interaction. We’re kind of just trying not to get our characters killed by knights.

My head is killing me, too. Still. Three days later. And I have a giant knotted muscle in my right butt cheek that makes prolonged sitting awful. I’ve been trying to do stretches, but honestly I think I just need a damn massage.

I’m going to try and roll better than the under fives that I’ve been rolling all night.

Take your meds, folks.

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