Of Key Lime and Kleptomaniac Cats

13,727 Days Alive

875 Words Written for Fiction February

15 Rows Done on J’s Monochromatic Blanket

Happy Snow Moon, y’all! 🌕

I had today off and I am so glad for it.

I didn’t get laundry or game-playing done; but I got a lot of rest and actually ate something. Got tons of crocheting done on J’s Monochromatic Blanket today. I’m on row 15 of… uh… *does math with calculator* 312 rows. So that’s almost five percent done! Woo hoo!

I’m not doing too great mentally. I got into a minor but highly inconvenient vehicular incident on Friday. My rear bumper got torn completely off my car. I’m physically fine; but I get so anxious when I have to drive to or from work. It’s to where I’ve been leaving five or ten minutes early just so I can dry-heave in the parking lot when I safely get there. Or just get out of the car as quickly as possible once I get home and again, usually dry-heave.

It’s been two days. The mere thought of driving to work tomorrow is making me nauseated. Ugh. It’s not like I got hurt. It literally is mostly cosmetic damage. But fuck if it isn’t stressing me out.

It’s the sixth Sunday of the year and I’ve only finished one or two books so far. I’m aiming for an average of three a week. That’s a total of 156 for the year. Hopefully I’ll catch up here soon. I just haven’t felt like reading all that much. And when I do, it can’t hold my concentration for some reason.

My anxiety is kicked up and I assume it’s because of the incident. Or my caffeine consumption today because I did require outside assistance to get out of bed. I took my meds with water but then had a can of Zero Sugar Dr. Pepper Cream Soda. And a caffeine pill because I was non-functional with exhaustion despite going back to bed when I woke up at seven a.m.

Spock keeps trying to run off with one of the skeins of yarn that I’m using to work on J’s Monochromatic Blanket. It’s both frustrating and adorable.

I’m going to go mess with my M:TG mono-white angel deck and spend some time with Mellon.

Take your meds, folks.

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