Of Packages and Persistence

13,744 Days Alive

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I feel like I’m failing as a human. Because I am struggling so hard financially even with a full time job.

Im looking for either a higher paying full-time job or a second part time job so I can make ends meet.

It’s so frustrating. I’m having to pick between paying my car loan and being able to get my medications. I know i can ask for help if I really need it. But I just down know how to sustain hope when it all feels… pointless.

I don’t think I am in danger of committing suicide. Not yet at least. But I feel so hopeless and overwhelmed by all the trouble I’m having. I have a full time job! I should be fine! But nope. Struggle bus for sure.

I feel like a burden to my loved ones. I feel useless as a human being. I feel… a lot right now.

I am going to take a little nap and see if it helps me feel better or something.

Take your meds, folks.

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