Adventure and Aggravation Abound

12,346 Days Alive

5,619 Books to Read

91 Video Messages Sent Documenting Apartment Errors

31 Apologies from Alex the Office Dude

2 Trips to the Apartment

1 Super Sleepy Wife

Question of the day: do you have a favorite nail polish or lipstick color?

Man oh man. The new apartment is beautiful. Except where it isn’t.

It was Denny’s for breakfast this morning and I got to have eggs again! I love eggs. And I’ve found a work around my allergy: Beano pills. It means I can have scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs again without offending anyone’s nostrils in the aftermath! Or getting sick! It’s brilliant!

Both my Darling Wife and I did a run to the apartment after breakfast. Tink is still working logistics from the Lone Star side of the equation. But I have faith everything will work out as needed. She should be here before the end of the month.

The issues: the maintenance people and sub contractors that reset our apartment did a flat out terrible job. The subfloor in the master is wonky as hell. Half the windows don’t work or won’t stay open. None of the newly installed kitchen cabinet doors are flush or hanging straight. There’s damage to one cabinet where screws from the mounting hardware have broken through the wood. The master bath tile work was done terribly. Grout and caulking everywhere. None of the outlet faceplates lay flush with the walls; including the ones that have been painted over. Window screens are missing or damaged. All of the floors are speckled with paint from the baseboard repainting. The dryer is missing a foot and the dishwasher is literally falling apart. There’s badly done patches where someone punched a hole in the wall in the hallway and a patch on the ceiling larger than a poker table. The fridge is crooked and the lanai’s locks don’t have working keys. There are closets that won’t open, a sink tap annoying askew, and shoddy paint jobs across the board. There was left behind screws and old cabinet mounting hardware. There was dust and debris and so many paint drips on the floor. Now, we’re still going to take the apartment. But we did our due diligence with the move in inventory and the office dude, Alex, was supremely apologetic and helpful. We even took him down to the apartment to show him. Boyo took off his shoes before getting past the door since I did.

We’ve had to put our transition on hold for a day or three while we wait for a plan of action from the complex. Annoying, but manageable. We should hear back tomorrow from the complex.

Like. No hyperbole: I spent over an hour, a full hour, documenting all of the major and minor issues with the new place. 91 videos.

But we’re still excited. And exhausted.

Steph is already asleep. I’m soon to follow.

Take your meds, friends.

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