2019 Reading Challenge: Craving for Cozies

I love me a good, fluffy, cozy mystery book. It’s like a cartoon in print. Plucky heroine, Scooby-Doo style mystery, and usually a plot that could be getting you blitzed if you were playing an adapted version of the Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game.

So what am I doing? Adding to my to-read pile with EscapeWithDollyCas.com’s 2019 Craving for Cozies Reading Challenge!

Not mine! Straight from Dolly Cas’ Website.

As with most reading challenges, there are levels different levels to aspire to in fulfilling your cozy literary cravings:

  • Peckish: 1 – 25 Cozy Mysteries
  • Famished: 26 – 51 Cozy Mysteries
  • Yearning: 51 – 75 Cozy Mysteries
  • Starving: 76 – 100 Cozy Mysteries
  • Ravenous: 101 – 125 Cozy Mysteries
  • Voracious: 126 – 150 Cozy Mysteries 
  • Overindulged: 151 – 200 Cozy Mysteries
  • Pigged Out: 201 or more Cozy Mysteries

I have a lot of other reading challenges going in 2019. Because I want to read my #200books, I’m taking part in the Keyword Challenge, Color Coded Reading Challenge, Sweet Southern Reading Challenge, the Cloak & Dagger Challenge, the Diversify Reading Challenge, and the Golden Trio Reading Challenge in addition to this one.

So I’ll be doing the Yearning Level: 55 cozy books! I can chomp through them pretty fiercely when I’m not feeling well.

Here’s the list I’ve selected for Craving for Cozies:

  • Adventures of a Vegan Vamp by Cate Lawley: reviewed!
  • Bakeries and Bones by Nic Roberts: reviewed!
  • Bed and Breakfast and Murder by Patti Larsen: reviewed!
  • Bed, Breakfast, and Bones by Carolyn L. Dean
  • Bound by Kirsten Weiss
  • Casket Cashe by Janice J. Richardson
  • Cat Killed A Rat by ReGina Welling
  • Charming Death, A by Tonya Kappes
  • Crafting Disorder by ReGina Welling
  • Crème Brûlée To Slay by CeeCee James
  • Dead End, A by Keeley Bates
  • Deadly Art Affair, The by K.M. Morgan
  • Deadly Gamble: A Girl and Her Dog by Connie Shelton
  • Death Comes to Town by Sherri Bryan
  • Death Down Under by Samantha Silver
  • Death in Room 7 by K.J. Emrick
  • Death Visits the Hair Salon by Amy Andersen
  • Even Witches Get the Blues by J.D. Winters
  • Flow Charts by Sam Cheever
  • Footprints in the Frosting by Laura Pauling
  • Forever Charmed by Rose Pressey
  • Ghost of a Chance, A by Morgana Best
  • Ghostly Paw by Leighann Dobbs
  • Greensmith Girls by Raven Snow
  • Happiness is a Smoking Gun by Alaine Allister
  • Here Comes the Witch by Ani Gonzalez
  • How to Bake a Murdder by K.J. Emrick
  • Justice & Jealousy by Ellie Blake
  • Killer Cupcakes by Leighann Dobbs
  • Marigolds and Murder by London Lovett
  • Mattress Mart Murder by Kayla Michelle
  • Murder & Mayhem by K.P. Stafford
  • Murder at Stake by Constance Barker
  • Murder in the Art Gallery by Sandi Scott
  • Murder on the MEOWntain by Pearl Goodfellow
  • Pains and Penalties by Sarah Biglow
  • Paranormal Nonsense by Steve Higgs
  • Pasta, Pinot, & Murder by Jamie Lee Scott
  • Pie to Die For, A by Stacey Alabaster
  • Pit Perfect Murder by Renee George
  • Poison in Paddington by Samantha Silver
  • Prescription to Die For, A by Bridget Bowman
  • Raining Men and Corpses by Anne R. Tan
  • Seashells, Spells, & Caramels by Erin Johnson
  • Snow Can Be Deadly by Cindy Bell
  • Spells and Spiced Latte by Jinty James
  • Stage Door: A Cue to a Kill by Lilian Watts
  • Starboard Secrets by Hope Callaghan
  • Strawberries & Crème Murder by Susan Gillard
  • Strawberry Cream Cupcake & Murder by Ann S. Marie
  • Tapas, Carrot Cake, and a Corpse by Sherri Bryan
  • Virtually Scared to Death by Gillian Larkin
  • Wands In A Lifetime by Annabel Chase
  • Witch Squad, The by M.Z. Andrews
  • Witches of Enchanted Bay, The by Amelia Morgan

Progress and reviews will be posted on Goodreads; individual reviews will also be posted here.

Wish me luck!

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