Thoroughly Through This Thursday

12,249 Days Alive

5,672 Books to Read This Lifetime

207 Books Still to Read This Year

34 Hours Until Moving Day

3 Books Touched Today: One Finished, Another In Progress, Another Still Started

3 Carloads Total Taken Up to the New Place

2 Meetings at Work

1 Review Pending Completion

Question of the day: if you could only read from one genre for the rest of your life, what would you pick? What would you absolutely avoid?

By the Gods, today was a thoroughly busy day!

I had an interesting tele-meeting at work today that revealed some of the challenges I’m going to be facing as we attempt to expand. And another meeting helped assure me that my coworkers and I are on the same page. I hope to be able to assist them in not only obtaining the current goal, but exceeding it.

Belle was sassy as ever. And Miriam was finally feeling better. The poor dear has basically been unwell since the New Year. And sweetheart that she is, Sara, her wedding is but weeks away! I’m so excited for her. J and I took lunch today; I spoiled myself with a Wawa salad because I feel mentally like crap.

So many nightmares.

On the plus side, I finished The Haunting of Hill House today! I’ll have to post the review before I pass out. Still slogging through The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock. If it doesn’t catch me in the next two chapters, I may set it aside. I did start the adventures of the Honorable Ms. Phryne Fisher today in Cocaine Blues, the first book I chose for the Color Coded Reading Challenge. I already look forward to reading more of them.

I’ve a cat on my pillow, yelling at me to get some sleep. Gods know if I will actually be able to.

Take your meds, kids.

2 thoughts on “Thoroughly Through This Thursday

  1. Absolutely can answer question of the day… drama….crime, legal, medical (as opposed to “True Crime”) novels..fav authors include Faye and Johnathon Kellerman, Janet Evonovich, Robin Cook, Dan Brown, John Grisham….special long time love of Andrew Vacchs. I would love to never gave to read another Harlequin or even quasi-Harlequin romance novel.


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