Coping, Conspiracies, and Cats

12,248 Days Alive

5669 Books to Read

2 Days Till Moving

2 Box-Deprived Cats

1 Weird Conspiracy Theory Found Out

Question of the day: Do you box things by room or at random?

I am exhausted so this will be quick.

I started reading Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House” today. Never read it before. And I certainly didn’t know that one of the characters and I shared a name! But I’ll take it.

Reading another “The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock” by Imogene Hermès Gowar. A bit plodding so far. But to be frank, that could speak more to my mental state than the book itself. It’s interesting. But it is slow reading so far. I’m a bit behind in the reading schedule, but it is literally the second week of 2019. I’ll catch up.

Oh! That weird conspiracy theory? That Taylor Swift is the lizard person clone of the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan. For realsies.

I’m having a rough day, mentally. My anemia is kicking my butt. And I can’t over-caffeinate during the day or I’ll get even less sleep. And then next thing you know I’ve been awake for fifty six hours again and just want to drive my car into a wall just to be able to sleep.

In more… normal news, I picked up the replacement keys for the apartment today. The floor in the master bedroom is still fucked. And now none of the carpet is tacked down. But what can you do? The windows are still missing screens and the closet doors barely open. But we will make it home.

We move in finally on Saturday. We have most of the small stuff there already. Another load or so to run up there after work tomorrow. I’ll be glad when we’re there.

I’ve got to sleep now. Take your meds, folks. And reach out if you’re struggling.

One thought on “Coping, Conspiracies, and Cats

  1. So happy for you to be moving. Keep us posted and don’t be afraid to yell “I’ll call the city inspector,” if they really drag their feet about stuff. Huggz!!


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