Muddled, Medicated, and Mildly Meditative

12,270 Days Alive

6,422 Books to Read

10 Nuggets Eaten

3rd Doctor Appointment

2 Episodes of Forensic Files

1 Living Room Half Reclaimed

Today was, well, terrible. It ended better than it started.

Tink bought dinner for us; Chinese. It was needed after a very, very long day.

I got maybe three hours of sleep last night. I was stuck on fast forward because of the second follow up scheduled for today.

I kept making small mistakes. Wore the wrong socks for the shoes I picked. Literally wore my bra inside out accidentally. Saw someone today who was a purple-clad doppelgänger for my late father.

It through me through a real bad loop.

There’s still stuff going on with the workers’ compensation, but I can officially say that I didn’t break anything!

In other news, we have half a living room again! Boxtopia is slowly getting dismantled.

We should actually be mostly back to functioning by the end of the weekend. I’m super excited about it. Being able to cook and break bread together is going to be delightful.

Yay for functional dining spaces!

Also, my writing space is up and running! I still need a few creature comforts like a desk lamp and a small fan for air circulation. But it is definitely my own space. And it will certainly get use come tomorrow and the start of #FlashFictionFebruary!

I need sleep, because I’ve nearly cried nine times today. The worst couple of which was when I came across the box that contained the cremated remains of my Dad. So.

Rough night.

I’m going to go meditate, try and shake off some of this negativity and pain with deep breathing and such. G’night folks.

Take your damn meds and be gentle with yourself.

One thought on “Muddled, Medicated, and Mildly Meditative

  1. Might I suggest this lamp?

    I love how it not only dims but also has different light shade settings (bright ass white light, medium more natural-ish, and amber-ish for night time). In fact, I’m loving it so much I’m considering buying one for another spot-not-my-table-desk.

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