Of Goals and Goodbyes

13,504 Days Alive

1 Final Therapy Session

I had my last therapy session with Mx. Steph today. I’m kind of emotional about it, sad, but glad.

They’d been my therapist for almost two years, now, and ending are always hard for me. We did a conclusion session and they made mention of how proud they are of me for sticking with my blogging even on hard days.

This blog began as a rant; a vent for anger at my diagnosis of being bipolar. So much has changed since then. I’m divorced. I’ve moved. I’ve gotten my A1C down to almost normal. I’ve decided that his next phase is all about finding the little joys in life and finding my happiness in myself.

Also, enjoy more naps! Laugh a little more and not worry about how goofy or imperfect my smile is. I have to find more joy in my life. I’m too adept at finding misery.

I don’t feel well, today. Almost like a hormonal triggered migraine is coming, but I’m not sure. It’s a few days from my normal cycle, but I’ve been cramping like a motherfucker for like three days. Even my raspberry leaf tea, which I need to get more of, hasn’t helped.

Whatever comes in the next few weeks, I will strive to keep an open mind and heart to all the good things and weather the negative with grace and dignity… as best I can.

I’m going to give Bianco a call before I turn in early.

Take your meds, folks.

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