Of Nachos and Necessities

12,973 Days Alive

4 Belated Yule Gifts from DW

2 Pancakes Eaten

1 Doctor Appointment and Panic Attack

1/2 Order of Nachos

Today has been A Day for me. I had a panic attack today. As well as I had my doctor’s appointment with Peter this morning; so I am absolutely fried.

I was so tired this morning. I don’t know why I can’t seem to get solid sleep lately. I’ll be taking my sleep meds for sure before bed tonight. Even though I’m exhausted, maybe I will get better sleep with a little chemical assistance.

When I got off work, I wasn’t able to make the post office run because the scanning in of incoming records ran over by a full hour and had me leaving exactly at four thirty. But I did get to the Publix on the far side of forever to pick up my Lyrica. I was down to my last dose. Ugh. I can’t transfer the prescription to another Publix because of how the doctor wrote it and because it’s a “controlled substance”. It is super frustrating.

But the important thing is that I got my meds and I took my meds. I had my doctor’s appointment with Peter this morning. He’s keeping me on a monthly check in because the last time he went three months, I spiraled down pretty damn hard. He’s going to refer me to a testing site in Orlando for the ADD, to see if they can confirm my having it and to give me the proper medication to help me focus at work.

After work, Joy came over! She hasn’t been over since before we got the couches in the apartment, so she hasn’t seen it as it has come together as home for Fen and I.

Because of the panic attack, I was stripped of any remaining metaphorical spoons when it came to dinner, so the three of us went out to Denny’s for a socially distanced dinner. The restaurant was nearly empty and we chose a booth away from everyone else. We split a half order of nachos to start. Because, ya know, every bad day gets better with nachos! I got my pancake fix, plain ones, and got to have bacon and potatoes, too.

Now we’re back home. I’ve taken my meds and I’m just waiting to be able to crawl into bed for the night. About another half hour or so until I can.

I’m going to either go crochet and work more on reworking up Grandma Gator’s couch blanket or I’m going to try and finish up The Language of Spells by Sarah Painter. Either way, I’m gone for the night.

Take your meds, folks.

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